maandag 13 juni 2016

Mochila crochet

As you all might know I love learning new things and bags! I am all back into crochet since two years and I really love it and remember how much I loved it when I was a teenager. Since a little while I follow Rianne on IG and her Mochila bags are amazing. So last week the temptation got too strong and I ordered yarn and the pattern for the triangle bag on her website.
I chose a taupe as main colour with the other four colours for the triangles. It was a search for the right size hook but I think I found it (2,5). When I ever start a bag again I might even try a 3...

I have started the circle three times now but it got easier every round so I kept going this time.

While crocheting with one colour you have to bring the other colours with you and keeping it untangled is quite a challenge ;-). But this also gets easier with time!

I am enjoying the proces but have too many projects on my hands right now so it takes a while before it is finished...

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