maandag 13 juni 2016

Mochila crochet

As you all might know I love learning new things and bags! I am all back into crochet since two years and I really love it and remember how much I loved it when I was a teenager. Since a little while I follow Rianne on IG and her Mochila bags are amazing. So last week the temptation got too strong and I ordered yarn and the pattern for the triangle bag on her website.
I chose a taupe as main colour with the other four colours for the triangles. It was a search for the right size hook but I think I found it (2,5). When I ever start a bag again I might even try a 3...

I have started the circle three times now but it got easier every round so I kept going this time.

While crocheting with one colour you have to bring the other colours with you and keeping it untangled is quite a challenge ;-). But this also gets easier with time!

I am enjoying the proces but have too many projects on my hands right now so it takes a while before it is finished...

If you want to keep up with my crafts on a more day to day basis, please find my Instagram account: urbanstylejantine

vrijdag 10 juni 2016

Schnitzel and Boo miniswap

Last autumn I joined the Schnitzelandboo miniswap. My partner was an American woman with a 3.5 year old daughter whom she home schooled. She specifically asked for a letter or a map or something from my country, so she and her daughter could look up and explore my couuntry, which made my thoughts go to Jip and Janneke immediately. Jip and Janneke are stories about a 5yo boy and girl in the 50th (or 60th?) and very popular here in The Netherlands. Those stories are translated in English and though I heard the translation wasn't too good I thought it would be fun to order and send it anyway so I bought her the English version of this book.
One thing led to another, I came across another IG-er who made beautiful with free motion machine appliqué, Erin Cox. I ordered her book Sweet Tweets for more inspiration and off I went.
On the www I found a coloring picture from Jip and Janneke, and some pictures from a Volkswagen Transporter. With Vliesofix and my iron I prepared all the parts and ironed them on a piece of linen I had left over from a skirt I made about 15 years ago ;-).
It was a precise but fun process and I really enjoyed choosing exactly the right fabrics to go with the characters.

When I tried free motion appliqué without a piece of batting underneath it didn't work out as I wanted so in the end I decided to sandwich it first and then free motion appliqué.

For the binding I added a small red strip by cutting an 1.5" wide strip, iron it double and pin it between my quilt and my binding.
I was so in love with this quilt I found it hard to give it away but in the end all is well as it is so much fun to see someone happy with what you made her.

Of course I had to include some J&J hair accessories for her little girl and I made her a draw string bag with a scrap bag I had from her favorite fabric designer (Sandy Gervaes)