donderdag 24 december 2015

Christmas 2015

For me Cristmas really is celebrating the birth of our Saviour! We will celebrate it in Church with our brothers and sisters.
Presents are given with Sinterklaas at the 5th of December.

I crocheted these last year from a book from Cristel Krukkert. I am afraid it is a Dutch book.
The donkey is still a WIP and hopefully I can add more the coming years.

woensdag 2 december 2015

La Passagaclia, the beginning

Somewhere this spring I was mindlessly and tired scrolling through my IG account when I stumbled upon this beautiful quilt! It happened not once but twice and I was totally drawn to it. So I searched the # and it just drew me in.
I couldn't think of anything else, or sleep or... So I decided to dive in and order the book the pattern was in. It turned out it was written by a fellow Dutch! Wylline Hammerstein. The book is called "Millefiore quilts".

After deciding to buy the book. which wasn't cheap, I had another decision to make. Would I sew this quilt with EPP (English Paper Piecing) or just hand piecing. Since I prefer EPP when hand sewing (regular sewing I rather use my machine for) That choice was easily made.

But there was the third decision. Would I cut the papers myself or order a starter pack at Paperpieces? I decided to order some laser cut templates with 3/8"seam allowance and without any seam allowance and cut them myself. My order arrived quickly even when it came from the other side of the world and off I went.
But oh my, those star points were so tiny and difficult to cut precisely so in the end I ordered the starter pack and extra star points from Paper pieces.
Now I have a few cogs done I am running out of the large pentagons but those are easily cut with the yellow templates so for the time being I am good to go.

It is a slow process but I enjoy it immensely! I took it with me on our vacation this summer and have thoroughly enjoyed sewing my cogs. I will post some more progress photo's soon but just wanted to tell about this project first...