woensdag 4 november 2015

Handpieced mini swap

Well, here I am again, sorry it has been sooo long.

Last spring I signed in for the Handpieced mini Swap on Instagram. The idea was to hand piece something for your partner. Quilting was ok by machine too. The partner I got Donna, a quiltshopowner from New Zealand. I found it pretty scary to make something for someone who was so skilled herself.
Somewhere on her feed I read she was second in a row of 4 generations of quilters which made me instantly think of a tree of life.

I pieced a background with big hexagons (1 3/4" I think), randomly cut low volume fabrics. I did search for the most fun fabrics! I pinned them all on some foam to remember which should go where. This way I took it to my bee too to discover I had lost several on my way from the car to her front door. I went back and found all but one. The next day my friend told me a neighbor had found it and brought it to her ;-)!

A lot of 3/4"hexagons were covered with green and pink like a blossoming tree and I drew a Tree on gray fabric. Using the tree trunk and the background the shape of the leafs and flowers grew.
While sewing I shared several sneak peaks on Instagram (being in the same group we followed each other) but while she liked pictures of me she never liked any of those swap pictures, which made me so much more uncertain). I came at a point not wanting to finish as I was so scared to disappoint her.
But I kept telling myself I did my very best and some others really loved it so it was good!

Quilting this quilt was really fun and took me only a few hours actually. Grass, flowers, clouds etc. How happy I was with a cupboard full of Aurifil thread in lots of colours! The finished quilt was about 50x50 cm (20x20"). I love how all those colours make a pretty back too!

The quilt made its way to New Zealand safely and was received very happily. It was so nice of some of her friends to tell me on my account how happy Donna was and that she really deserved this beautiful mini quilt. That felt really good after all those nerves!

As an extra I send this fun little bag with the map from my country on it so she can never forgot she swapped with the other side of the world....

2 opmerkingen:

Chantal zei

What a beautiful quilt. I absolutely love it. Also the zipper pouch with your country on it - a very good idea.

Maya zei

Wat een pracht van een quilt! en ook nog zo'n leuk tasje, echt een prachtig cadeau!