donderdag 4 juni 2015

Fox quilt

Slowly I am getting back to patchwork and quilting on my machine too. For my youngest, who turned 12 recently, a new quilt was due! He still uses the quilt I made him as a toddler. As soon as I showed him Elizabeth Hartman (from Oh Franson!)'s Fox quilt pattern he was in love. We decided to go for a combination of big and small foxes and we used three different Kona greys for the background. At first I pulled a few redder fabrics too but DS12 was very outspoken, foxes were supposed to be orange.
This was such a fun quilt to sew, even though I had to order more gray and the gray with the same name turned out to be differently... with more than one gray it didn't matter so much.
The top was finished this week, some of the foxes will receive glasses and then sandwiching and quilting...

6 opmerkingen:

Jedidja zei

O, wat mooi!!!

Mistea zei

Looking very beautiful already. A fun project to get back to patching.
Love the happy foxes. Lucky DS12.

Phyllis zei

Hij is enig geworden! Heb dit patroon inderdaad hier en daar op de blogs voorbij zien komen en het zijn zulke grappige vossenkoppen (en - koppetjes). Mooi met dat grijs.

Crafts 'n' Skills zei

You already made it to a beautiful piece of work!

Lori zei

Fun quilt! I think it looks fantastic with the different gray backgrounds!

Aritha zei

Hoe gaat het nu met jullie?