maandag 6 april 2015


My SIL and BIL celebrate their 25th wedding anniversary today. That was the deadline I needed to finish their quilt. When they lived in Africa years ago they brought me loads of real African fabrics. I used them to make a quilt for our car, a quilt for my MIL and I think about 5 years ago I decided I wanted to give them a quilt with their own fabrics too.
Together With my SIL I chose the Bricks and Steppingstones pattern from Bommie's Quiltville page, I bought some Kona's for the 4-patches and off I went. Because there are lots of blues in the African fabrics I bought several blues to determine which would be best. I ended up using all three blues to add some colour.
Last year a friend made a quilt with the same pattern and I kept thinking she made a mistake as hers was different from mine. When I mentioned it, it turned out it was not her but me who had altered the pattern! I think it was a smart alteration on my part as I really like how the cream rows make the quilt somewhat quieter.
To me this quilt looks very different vertical from horizontal, what do you think?

The top has been laying around for 2 years, I only had to make the backing fabric a bit wider and quilt it but somehow that seemed like a mountain to climbe over.
Then I got sick last year and didn't have the energy to even sit behind the machine.
Until this winter we got there 25th wedding anniversary invitation. With a sewing day at a friends house the back was pieced in a morning and I really wondered why I had put it of.

Now for the quilting. I found a beautiful variagated Aurifil with cream, yellow and blue and the whirls just popped to my mind. Machine quilting is still pretty heavy for my body, especially free motion, as I do it on my domestic machine but with only a whirl or two each day I did it.

Yesterday was for binding, label and hanging sleeve, since they didn't know yet whether they want to hang it or use it on a bed.

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Lori zei

That is fantastic and such a special quilt with special fabric!

Phyllis zei

Wat een speciale quilt. Heel kleurrijk. Hier zullen ze vast heel blij mee zijn.

Crafts 'n' Skills zei

A-ma-zing! Made with a lot of love, I can tell..

Tot snel! x

ღ Haal adem! zei

Gaaf joh!

Ik wil je even attenderen op deze Give Away: misschien is het iets voor jou!

Karen @ Pieces of Contentment zei

A quilt filled with many special fabrics and memories. I imagine they loved it dearly.