maandag 16 maart 2015

Strawberry Hat

After learning about the magic loop in knitting, a link to a video you can find here, I just had to try this magic loop. i always love to learn new techniques and trics. I was looking for a project not too small, like mitten fingers would be for a first time, but just right to give it a good try.

I found this little baby hat called Berry Baby Hat on Ravelry and I loved it! I found that the longer the circular needle, the easier it is to make the two needed twists in your needle. I tried to make the spot where to pull the treat out different each round to avoid having the tension in the same spot all the time.
The little hat was really fun to do, I enjoyed using the magic loop, and finished within two weeks with lots of other projects in between. I wish I had a little girl or boy to knit a hat like this for but I think they won't love me anymore if I did now (with them being 17,15 and 11).

I had to adjust the pattern (I used 96 stitches instead of the required 64 and used 12 st instead of 8 per leave) as my yarn (Again Drops Baby Merino) was much thinner than the pattern asked for, but it turned out great and only slightly too big for a new born. (Next time I will try 80 stitches with 10 per leave)

4 opmerkingen:

Jedidja zei

Leuk joh!

Mistea zei

Cute! Surely there'll be a little person needing a warm berry hat in the future.

Doortje Dartel zei

Wat een grappig mutsje!

Doortje Dartel zei

Wat een grappig mutsje!