maandag 9 maart 2015


Somewhere last autumn I told you about the skoosh wrap I was knitting. You can find the story here.
One of the new things I learned was knitting on circular needles. I have used them ages ago for a collar, but knitting a whole project on those was new.
Second new thing was the start of this shawl, with getting the right amount of stitches on the needles after a few rows of garter stitch, while still trying to grab the right English terms for what I was doing. I figured that with planning on more knitting over the years, (oh, yes, I really love it!) I might as well get familiar with all the English terms since there are so very many patterns in English all over the WWW.
In September I blogged about putting this shawl back on the needles since I found it not big enough. I made three more repeats, which used about half as much yarn as I had already used for the whole shawl and finished it quite soon. Just completely forgot to take another picture and tell you all about it.
I really love it! With the yarn being cotton it has a good weight on your shoulders and it is perfect for those nights you are cold but don't want to go upstairs to grab some warmer cloths.

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Lori zei

Very pretty!

Jedidja zei

Die kleuren!

Crafts 'n' Skills zei

Ik heb er inmiddels al drie van in huis liggen en de vierde staat ook alweer een tijdje op de pennen. Zo'n heerlijk werkje!

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Fijn weekend!