donderdag 26 maart 2015

Open wide zipper pouch

When you have multiple projects going on, like me, you need a lot of project bags to keep your stuff too. I found Noodleheads website long ago and kept it's address since she made a lot of bags and has fun free patterns on her website.
Lately I came across lots of open wide zipper pouches on Instagram, and every time I loved them, so I decided it was time to bite the bullet.
I did make it myself slightly more difficult with zippers that need to go on top instead of sewn in, which made the sequence of steps quite different and had me break my brain on them, but I did it and I am so pleased with those new pouches. I made the large and the medium size. The large is big enough to keep a few balls of yarn and some needles, the middle is more like a toiletry bag or a bag for your sewing supplies (when you don't need large scissors).
The fabric is a big old handkerchief like the farmers here in the Netherlands used to use, or even wear I think, seeing the size.
You can find the tutorial here and the cutting charts here. The tutorial is very easy to follow with lots of pictures and very quick to sew too! I can totally recommend this pattern!

4 opmerkingen:

Lori zei

I love that hanky fabric! Great pouches!!

Phyllis zei

Ze zijn enig! En handig. Leuke stof, zowel de buiten- als de binnenkant.

Jedidja zei

Echt leuk! Vooral die binnenkant :-)

Crafts 'n' Skills zei

Wow! Daar kan weer lekker een hoop in!