maandag 9 maart 2015

Baby sweater

With several babies due with our families and friends I thought it save to cast on a little baby cardigan. It is called Baby Vertebrae, it is designed by Kelly Brooker and I found the pattern on Ravelry. What I loved about this pattern is that has no front panels so you can easily slip it on when using it in a pram or a sling.
I loved knitting the shoulders and back on my circular needles. I think finding out about using the short threads of the circular needles with the stoppers for keeping the waiting stitches on was one of the aha moments. Those are so much more flexible than a normal straight needles, which is a good thing with having all the stitches for the arms on them while knitting down the rest of the bodice.
In the shop they had said you could do the arms on the circular needles too but I just couldn't figure out how. So I ended up buying sock needles in two sizes and remembered how I don´t like all this fiddling with those needles.
The project got tucked away until about Christmas when I suddenly remembered those babies being due in January. I forced myself to knit on and got it finished around New Years Eve. And believe it or not, just ones I had finished both arms and got to the body edging someone told me about knitting the magic loop. How I wished I had known before ;-).
I wasn't completely happy with the shoulders but I figured that while using it you won't see it. My BIL and SIL loved the little cardigan and I hope it is in good use.
This cardigan is knitted with Drops Baby Merino, which made it beautifully soft and warm.

I really love to knit and read, especially with such an easy project. The good thing of an ereader is you don't have to worry about keeping the book open and prevent from turning pages when you are not ready yet!

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Lori zei

I treasure my first born's hand knitted sweater!