donderdag 26 maart 2015

Open wide zipper pouch

When you have multiple projects going on, like me, you need a lot of project bags to keep your stuff too. I found Noodleheads website long ago and kept it's address since she made a lot of bags and has fun free patterns on her website.
Lately I came across lots of open wide zipper pouches on Instagram, and every time I loved them, so I decided it was time to bite the bullet.
I did make it myself slightly more difficult with zippers that need to go on top instead of sewn in, which made the sequence of steps quite different and had me break my brain on them, but I did it and I am so pleased with those new pouches. I made the large and the medium size. The large is big enough to keep a few balls of yarn and some needles, the middle is more like a toiletry bag or a bag for your sewing supplies (when you don't need large scissors).
The fabric is a big old handkerchief like the farmers here in the Netherlands used to use, or even wear I think, seeing the size.
You can find the tutorial here and the cutting charts here. The tutorial is very easy to follow with lots of pictures and very quick to sew too! I can totally recommend this pattern!

maandag 16 maart 2015

Strawberry Hat

After learning about the magic loop in knitting, a link to a video you can find here, I just had to try this magic loop. i always love to learn new techniques and trics. I was looking for a project not too small, like mitten fingers would be for a first time, but just right to give it a good try.

I found this little baby hat called Berry Baby Hat on Ravelry and I loved it! I found that the longer the circular needle, the easier it is to make the two needed twists in your needle. I tried to make the spot where to pull the treat out different each round to avoid having the tension in the same spot all the time.
The little hat was really fun to do, I enjoyed using the magic loop, and finished within two weeks with lots of other projects in between. I wish I had a little girl or boy to knit a hat like this for but I think they won't love me anymore if I did now (with them being 17,15 and 11).

I had to adjust the pattern (I used 96 stitches instead of the required 64 and used 12 st instead of 8 per leave) as my yarn (Again Drops Baby Merino) was much thinner than the pattern asked for, but it turned out great and only slightly too big for a new born. (Next time I will try 80 stitches with 10 per leave)

dinsdag 10 maart 2015


Hooray for a deadline (6th of april). That pile of sandwiched quilts just gets bigger and bigger! I will try to quilt a bit every day!

maandag 9 maart 2015

Baby sweater

With several babies due with our families and friends I thought it save to cast on a little baby cardigan. It is called Baby Vertebrae, it is designed by Kelly Brooker and I found the pattern on Ravelry. What I loved about this pattern is that has no front panels so you can easily slip it on when using it in a pram or a sling.
I loved knitting the shoulders and back on my circular needles. I think finding out about using the short threads of the circular needles with the stoppers for keeping the waiting stitches on was one of the aha moments. Those are so much more flexible than a normal straight needles, which is a good thing with having all the stitches for the arms on them while knitting down the rest of the bodice.
In the shop they had said you could do the arms on the circular needles too but I just couldn't figure out how. So I ended up buying sock needles in two sizes and remembered how I don´t like all this fiddling with those needles.
The project got tucked away until about Christmas when I suddenly remembered those babies being due in January. I forced myself to knit on and got it finished around New Years Eve. And believe it or not, just ones I had finished both arms and got to the body edging someone told me about knitting the magic loop. How I wished I had known before ;-).
I wasn't completely happy with the shoulders but I figured that while using it you won't see it. My BIL and SIL loved the little cardigan and I hope it is in good use.
This cardigan is knitted with Drops Baby Merino, which made it beautifully soft and warm.

I really love to knit and read, especially with such an easy project. The good thing of an ereader is you don't have to worry about keeping the book open and prevent from turning pages when you are not ready yet!


Somewhere last autumn I told you about the skoosh wrap I was knitting. You can find the story here.
One of the new things I learned was knitting on circular needles. I have used them ages ago for a collar, but knitting a whole project on those was new.
Second new thing was the start of this shawl, with getting the right amount of stitches on the needles after a few rows of garter stitch, while still trying to grab the right English terms for what I was doing. I figured that with planning on more knitting over the years, (oh, yes, I really love it!) I might as well get familiar with all the English terms since there are so very many patterns in English all over the WWW.
In September I blogged about putting this shawl back on the needles since I found it not big enough. I made three more repeats, which used about half as much yarn as I had already used for the whole shawl and finished it quite soon. Just completely forgot to take another picture and tell you all about it.
I really love it! With the yarn being cotton it has a good weight on your shoulders and it is perfect for those nights you are cold but don't want to go upstairs to grab some warmer cloths.