woensdag 28 januari 2015

Project bags

Bijschrift toevoegen
A friend of mine turned 40 a few weeks ago and her sister organised a surprise High Tea. Since she is one of the friends I made through blogging about crafty things and she was completely into knitting I knew instantly I had to make her something handmade. So of I went and pulled my box with left over blocks again and yes, enough left to make two draw string bags! I made those two bags thinking to keep one for me and making one for her.

But... ones those were finished I just couldn't decide which one to give and which one to keep. She would love them both, but which one would she love best? I kept being indecisive until the very last moment and then packed both to give! I will make me another one...

My box of left over blocks is nearly empty so maybe I will make something completely new for me ;-). In the bags went some beautiful glass jars with a saying on the lid and in the jars some self made count stitchers. But oh, I forgot to take a picture.
Needless to say my friend was very happy with all the goodness and had a lovely birthday!

Scrap project 9 and 10.
Sorry, the picture is upside down and I can't get it turned... But you get the idea!

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