vrijdag 9 januari 2015


See the red squares with the triangles?
Lately you can find me a lot on Instagram... somewhere around Christmas Jennie asked if there were people around to test sew a new bag. As you might know, I love bags and this seemed a terrific size, so I emailed her and got in!
But time to go shopping I didn't have with Christmas and all, so it had to be all stash.

When I opened my cupboard those bluegreen fabrics that I kept for a special project kind of jumped out of it.
Those fabrics are from the serie "Faith"(which as being a Christian had an extra special meaning to me) from Collection for a Cause 2 or 3 years ago. I loved those fabrics so much that for the first time in my life I bought a FQ bundle.
I used the bundle for my Easy Street mystery but left the light brown out. The bluegreen I loved so much that I bought another half yard of every fabric available. I gave those bluegreens to my sister to use for a skirt for her daughter but said I wanted the remaining back and those had come back just a few month before.

I used up a lot of my light brown FQ's just for the inside of the bag!
I sorted through my stash and scraps to see what I could come up with from the same bundle. I found 1 red FQ (which I hadn't used since I found the leaves too green for the Easy Street) and exactly 2 red squares with already a brown triangle sewn on.
I found all the light browns which I hadn't used at all, some dark brown scraps and a lot of the cream.
I dumped it all in a box, search for an extra red to go with it and of I went, not knowing for sure what colours would be used except for the bluegreens...

The rest just happened on the go... matching the colours, using the right hardware etc. The patterns asked for sew in magnet closure which I didn't have. I did have some clip on magnets that go through the fabric. I wouldn't be me when I went ahead and thought to know what was the next step and so quilted the bag before realising those magnets had to be adjusted before putting back and front pocket fabric together.
So I just put them all the way through and when the bag was completely done I got my glue gun and some buttons and glued the buttons over it. When it doesn't work, when the buttons will come off too easily I will just crochet some flowers and sew them over the closure.
and the solution... a button and a glue gun ;-)
magnetic closure
I really, really love the size of the bag and the many pockets. The magnetic closure was a first for me but it really works, so I ordered some more to use...

It was a great bag to sew, the pattern is quite clear and where it wasn't, it is now, thanks to all the test sewers! I loved having a closed facebook group to be able to communicate with the other testers and asked questions and give lots of tips!
Please go and see the other bags and maybe even buy the pattern here!

  PS... my sister and I don't agree on the main colour. She keeps saying it is green while I call it blue. What do you think?

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Cisca Heiden van der zei

Al zijn het je stoffen uit je voorraad, ze zijn prachtig! En de tas zelf ook! Wat een mooie serie is dit toch, ik heb er een quilten voor mijn kleindochter Carly van gemaakt. Ja ik vind het ook een moeilijke kleur om te benoemen, ik vind het blauw met een vleugje groen, in ieder geval een prachtige kleur!
Groetjes, Cisca

quilting Jeannet zei

Jammer dat het in het Engels is......

Phyllis zei

Heb hem in het echt gezien en hij is enig geworden, vind het zo knap dat 'tassen-maken', zoveel verschillende technieken. Top!

Doortje Dartel zei

Wat een gave tas is het geworden!

Lori zei

I feel like the color is aqua which is blue-green! lol It is a really nice bag Jantine.