woensdag 3 januari 2018

Stitch Markers

When you follow me on Instagram you may have noticed that I am doing a fair bit of knitting lately. I thoroughly enjoy it, especially because it is something you can do hanging on the couch when out of energy.
The last knit I got myself into was the Mystery Knit Along from Stephen West, the Speckle and Pop MKAL. 
I went on a search for some lovely yarn with no wool in it, as it turns out I am allergic to wool and cannot wear alpaca either (I can knit with it, but what use is it when you cannot wear it afterwards?).
After a while I found The Mermaids Purse Yarns and she was so kind to custom dye me some yarn for this MKAL. You can bet I will be back to buy more!

Unfortunately I accidentally threw away all the pictures of my phone, so I had to screenshot my IG pictures and they are a bit tiny, but you get the idea...
I will tell more about this project in another vlog, once the shawl is finished.
For now I will only tell you that you need 63 (!) stitch markers in clue #3 and I didn't have that much. So I went and made some (33). I thought I would have plenty. Well, I did have enough, but having one left is not really plenty, right?
Because someone asked how I did it I sat down today and made another one and took some pictures. At first I planned a tutorial for this blog but in the end it turned out into a real UrbanStylePattern. It is FREE and available at my Payhip account.

Voor jou, een gratis beschrijving hoe je deze leuke steekmarkeerders moet maken. Ik kocht de meeste kralen bij de Xenos. Ga naar mijn Payhip account en daar kun je hem gratis downloaden. Je vindt een Engelse en een Nederlandse versie!

maandag 13 juni 2016

Mochila crochet

As you all might know I love learning new things and bags! I am all back into crochet since two years and I really love it and remember how much I loved it when I was a teenager. Since a little while I follow Rianne on IG and her Mochila bags are amazing. So last week the temptation got too strong and I ordered yarn and the pattern for the triangle bag on her website.
I chose a taupe as main colour with the other four colours for the triangles. It was a search for the right size hook but I think I found it (2,5). When I ever start a bag again I might even try a 3...

I have started the circle three times now but it got easier every round so I kept going this time.

While crocheting with one colour you have to bring the other colours with you and keeping it untangled is quite a challenge ;-). But this also gets easier with time!

I am enjoying the proces but have too many projects on my hands right now so it takes a while before it is finished...

If you want to keep up with my crafts on a more day to day basis, please find my Instagram account: urbanstylejantine

vrijdag 10 juni 2016

Schnitzel and Boo miniswap

Last autumn I joined the Schnitzelandboo miniswap. My partner was an American woman with a 3.5 year old daughter whom she home schooled. She specifically asked for a letter or a map or something from my country, so she and her daughter could look up and explore my couuntry, which made my thoughts go to Jip and Janneke immediately. Jip and Janneke are stories about a 5yo boy and girl in the 50th (or 60th?) and very popular here in The Netherlands. Those stories are translated in English and though I heard the translation wasn't too good I thought it would be fun to order and send it anyway so I bought her the English version of this book.
One thing led to another, I came across another IG-er who made beautiful with free motion machine appliqué, Erin Cox. I ordered her book Sweet Tweets for more inspiration and off I went.
On the www I found a coloring picture from Jip and Janneke, and some pictures from a Volkswagen Transporter. With Vliesofix and my iron I prepared all the parts and ironed them on a piece of linen I had left over from a skirt I made about 15 years ago ;-).
It was a precise but fun process and I really enjoyed choosing exactly the right fabrics to go with the characters.

When I tried free motion appliqué without a piece of batting underneath it didn't work out as I wanted so in the end I decided to sandwich it first and then free motion appliqué.

For the binding I added a small red strip by cutting an 1.5" wide strip, iron it double and pin it between my quilt and my binding.
I was so in love with this quilt I found it hard to give it away but in the end all is well as it is so much fun to see someone happy with what you made her.

Of course I had to include some J&J hair accessories for her little girl and I made her a draw string bag with a scrap bag I had from her favorite fabric designer (Sandy Gervaes)

dinsdag 3 mei 2016

Op Stap cursus

For English please go down the blog...

Jaren geleden maakte ik een handige map en schreef het patroon er bij, Op Stap.
Nog steeds krijg ik regelmatig reacties van mensen die er zo blij mee zijn. Het is een handige map waar veel in kan en het is ideaal dat de map met een rits dicht gaat zodat er niets uit valt als je hem meeneemt. De maat van de map is zo dat hij goed op je schoot kan liggen.

Nu ben ik gevraagd door De Quilthoeve of ik het leuk vond om een workshop te geven om deze map te maken. Daar moest ik even over nadenken (vanwege mijn gezondheid) maar het begon ook gelijk te kriebelen, want ik vind lesgeven geweldig leuk! Uiteindelijk heb ik besloten dat een workshop van 2x een mooie kans is om te kijken of ik het trek om weer wat meer te gaan doen naast mijn gezin en mijn vaste baan in het onderwijs.

Deze workshop houdt in dat we twee zaterdag ochtenden van 10:15 uur tot 12:45 uur samen aan deze map gaan naaien. Daarin help ik jullie met de moeilijkste delen zoals de vakken met elastiek en de rits. Daarnaast zal er huiswerk zijn, zowel voor de eerste zaterdag als tussendoor. De Quilthoeve is te vinden in Naaldwijk.

De data die we geprikt hebben zijn zaterdag 28 mei en 25 juni. De kosten zin €42,50 inclusief het patroon. Wanneer je het patroon al in je bezit hebt maar je vindt het leuk om samen te naaien of je vindt het fijn om wat extra hulp te krijgen dan krijg je €5,00 korting en de nieuwste versie van het patroon wanneer je het andere patroon inlevert.

Vind je het leuk om mee te doen dan kun je me mailen.

Om te laten zien wat kleur met een patroon kan doen heb ik voor de gelegenheid een nieuwe map gemaakt. De nieuwe en de oude map (de tweede versie, dus een beetje anders dan die op de foto) zijn live te bewonderen bij De Quilthoeve in Naaldwijk.
Ook deze keer was het weer een feestje om te naaien en ik heb tegelijk van de gelegenheid gebruik gemaakt om het patroon hier en daar wat te herzien en wat dingen nóg duidelijker te beschrijven.

I revised my On the Road pattern while sewing a purple version and will teach sewing this pouch. An update of the English pattern will soon be available on Payhip!

donderdag 24 december 2015

Christmas 2015

For me Cristmas really is celebrating the birth of our Saviour! We will celebrate it in Church with our brothers and sisters.
Presents are given with Sinterklaas at the 5th of December.

I crocheted these last year from a book from Cristel Krukkert. I am afraid it is a Dutch book.
The donkey is still a WIP and hopefully I can add more the coming years.

woensdag 2 december 2015

La Passagaclia, the beginning

Somewhere this spring I was mindlessly and tired scrolling through my IG account when I stumbled upon this beautiful quilt! It happened not once but twice and I was totally drawn to it. So I searched the # and it just drew me in.
I couldn't think of anything else, or sleep or... So I decided to dive in and order the book the pattern was in. It turned out it was written by a fellow Dutch! Wylline Hammerstein. The book is called "Millefiore quilts".

After deciding to buy the book. which wasn't cheap, I had another decision to make. Would I sew this quilt with EPP (English Paper Piecing) or just hand piecing. Since I prefer EPP when hand sewing (regular sewing I rather use my machine for) That choice was easily made.

But there was the third decision. Would I cut the papers myself or order a starter pack at Paperpieces? I decided to order some laser cut templates with 3/8"seam allowance and without any seam allowance and cut them myself. My order arrived quickly even when it came from the other side of the world and off I went.
But oh my, those star points were so tiny and difficult to cut precisely so in the end I ordered the starter pack and extra star points from Paper pieces.
Now I have a few cogs done I am running out of the large pentagons but those are easily cut with the yellow templates so for the time being I am good to go.

It is a slow process but I enjoy it immensely! I took it with me on our vacation this summer and have thoroughly enjoyed sewing my cogs. I will post some more progress photo's soon but just wanted to tell about this project first...

woensdag 4 november 2015

Handpieced mini swap

Well, here I am again, sorry it has been sooo long.

Last spring I signed in for the Handpieced mini Swap on Instagram. The idea was to hand piece something for your partner. Quilting was ok by machine too. The partner I got Donna, a quiltshopowner from New Zealand. I found it pretty scary to make something for someone who was so skilled herself.
Somewhere on her feed I read she was second in a row of 4 generations of quilters which made me instantly think of a tree of life.

I pieced a background with big hexagons (1 3/4" I think), randomly cut low volume fabrics. I did search for the most fun fabrics! I pinned them all on some foam to remember which should go where. This way I took it to my bee too to discover I had lost several on my way from the car to her front door. I went back and found all but one. The next day my friend told me a neighbor had found it and brought it to her ;-)!

A lot of 3/4"hexagons were covered with green and pink like a blossoming tree and I drew a Tree on gray fabric. Using the tree trunk and the background the shape of the leafs and flowers grew.
While sewing I shared several sneak peaks on Instagram (being in the same group we followed each other) but while she liked pictures of me she never liked any of those swap pictures, which made me so much more uncertain). I came at a point not wanting to finish as I was so scared to disappoint her.
But I kept telling myself I did my very best and some others really loved it so it was good!

Quilting this quilt was really fun and took me only a few hours actually. Grass, flowers, clouds etc. How happy I was with a cupboard full of Aurifil thread in lots of colours! The finished quilt was about 50x50 cm (20x20"). I love how all those colours make a pretty back too!

The quilt made its way to New Zealand safely and was received very happily. It was so nice of some of her friends to tell me on my account how happy Donna was and that she really deserved this beautiful mini quilt. That felt really good after all those nerves!

As an extra I send this fun little bag with the map from my country on it so she can never forgot she swapped with the other side of the world....

donderdag 4 juni 2015

Fox quilt

Slowly I am getting back to patchwork and quilting on my machine too. For my youngest, who turned 12 recently, a new quilt was due! He still uses the quilt I made him as a toddler. As soon as I showed him Elizabeth Hartman (from Oh Franson!)'s Fox quilt pattern he was in love. We decided to go for a combination of big and small foxes and we used three different Kona greys for the background. At first I pulled a few redder fabrics too but DS12 was very outspoken, foxes were supposed to be orange.
This was such a fun quilt to sew, even though I had to order more gray and the gray with the same name turned out to be differently... with more than one gray it didn't matter so much.
The top was finished this week, some of the foxes will receive glasses and then sandwiching and quilting...

maandag 25 mei 2015

Follow your arrow

Somewhere in February I found a stunning shawl on Instagram. I searched and found it on Ravelry.
It was a pattern by Ysolda, called Follow your Arrow 2. Each week, for 5 weeks, two options to knit were published and so a lot of different shawls were made. I was a few weeks behind but in this case I didn't mind. I am not so used to reading charts yet that I can visualize them and being behind meant that some were further and posting pictures of their progress which made it easier to choose for me.

I really loved the process, I learned a lot of new stitches and techniques, I love how ready available youtube is and how much you can learn from it!
I am soooo in love with this pattern, it was literally breathtaking the first few times I saw it and I am still very much in love with it.
When you see it on the picture on the right it looks quite bit and it is, but... it is not as big as I thought it would be, so it is more for around your neck than around the shoulders.
I know, I could have made it bigger, but I wanted the peacock feathers at the points so I didn't want to make more of the plain extension, which was an option. So that would mean I have to rip until before the feathers and knit rows extra over there. Somehow I don't feel like that, so I decided to keep this one as it is so I have a reference when knitting other shawls since yes, I am really back into knitting and there will be more!

I used a variegated acrylic yarn, called Champion by Lammy. It knitted very nice, but I don't feel the blocking had much effect and it ended up a bit more stripy than I would like.

I confess I already started another shawl, this time I am trying to wrap all the knowledge I have from the two I knitted until now and combining them to make it my own! For sneak peaks, find me on Instagram (@urbanstylejantine) and when it is done I promise I will show it here too...

zaterdag 9 mei 2015


There's lots of projects to tell you about and I will soon, I promise.  But now I am needed as a computer doctor!

maandag 6 april 2015


My SIL and BIL celebrate their 25th wedding anniversary today. That was the deadline I needed to finish their quilt. When they lived in Africa years ago they brought me loads of real African fabrics. I used them to make a quilt for our car, a quilt for my MIL and I think about 5 years ago I decided I wanted to give them a quilt with their own fabrics too.
Together With my SIL I chose the Bricks and Steppingstones pattern from Bommie's Quiltville page, I bought some Kona's for the 4-patches and off I went. Because there are lots of blues in the African fabrics I bought several blues to determine which would be best. I ended up using all three blues to add some colour.
Last year a friend made a quilt with the same pattern and I kept thinking she made a mistake as hers was different from mine. When I mentioned it, it turned out it was not her but me who had altered the pattern! I think it was a smart alteration on my part as I really like how the cream rows make the quilt somewhat quieter.
To me this quilt looks very different vertical from horizontal, what do you think?

The top has been laying around for 2 years, I only had to make the backing fabric a bit wider and quilt it but somehow that seemed like a mountain to climbe over.
Then I got sick last year and didn't have the energy to even sit behind the machine.
Until this winter we got there 25th wedding anniversary invitation. With a sewing day at a friends house the back was pieced in a morning and I really wondered why I had put it of.

Now for the quilting. I found a beautiful variagated Aurifil with cream, yellow and blue and the whirls just popped to my mind. Machine quilting is still pretty heavy for my body, especially free motion, as I do it on my domestic machine but with only a whirl or two each day I did it.

Yesterday was for binding, label and hanging sleeve, since they didn't know yet whether they want to hang it or use it on a bed.